Wednesday Listmaking, Part Two

Even people as positive as me have our pet peeves – here are a few of mine.

I Don’t Like:

Radio ads that contain sirens, squealing tires and horns. Isn’t driving perilous enough?

People who don’t ask permission before petting your dog.

Finding the male concierge in my office building skulking in the women’s restroom. Creepy. “Unclogging the sink”, my ass!

Having to Self-Checkout at the store because they’re too cheap to use real cashiers after 8PM.

Department stores that crowd out the Women’s Department with either bathing suits or coats or whatever seasonal crap they’re shilling.

People who leave their cellphones on ring at the office, movie theater, etc. – although, true confession – my new cell arrived last night, and my first act was to add “Let’s Go To The Mall” as my ringtone.

Clothes with writing on the ass.

Little boys with long, long mullet hair or rat tails (or that rero 70’s/80’s bowl cut that I affectionately refer to as the “penis” hairstyle).

Mothers of young boys – use some good judgment!

Here are a few things I do like, just to keep the yin/yang balance:

Chinese places that use vegetables other than celery and mushrooms.

Matt’s iPhone. I got a new Nokia 2600 – which is nice – it’s red, but his iPhone is really cool.

President Obama’s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor for SCOTUS!!!

Having the data to back up my statements, and having the writing skills to do so professionally.

The new American Girl Doll – 1914 Jewish-Russian Immigrant Rebecca Rubin.

Although, technically, I think we’d be calling her Rivka, nu?

My kick-ass new ringtone! Robin Sparkles makes every call a happy one.

(Interesting... Rebecca circa 1914 looks remarkably like Robin circa 1994. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose!)


Joe said…
Maybe this is me being completely irrational as usual, but I would be OK with using self checkout if we got a discount on our purchases...they don't have to pay an extra cashier, they can knock off 5-10% for that right?
ae said…
My point exactly. I calculated that I used to make $6.50 in my early days as a cashier - or roughly eleven cents a minute. Pay me for every minute it takes to check myself out, remove that from the bill, and I'll never bitch again.

Otherwise, hire some damn cashiers!