Sunday End of Week Wrap Up

- Here's why you should always wear a little lipstick and carry a business card: I was in Home Depot in my hometown over the weekend with Dad and Lola and I ran into an old co-worker - he's a VP with Macy's. And a good guy to boot. He recognized me, but in old shorts a t-shirt and that such a good thing?

- I apologized to the chick at the pharmacy that I unloaded on the night of the eye infection. She didn't remember me until I described the incident. I think she was surprised I apologized, but you know - I felt bad. Clearing the air was the right thing to do.

- I managed to get my engagement ring off my swole finger. I have to admit - it looks nice with just the band on there. But I love my engagement ring, and damn if I didn't work to get it!

- Bought a book tonight called "Working With You Is Killing Me" - I think that it has some good coping mechanisms for the things that bother me at the office. Also, I have been thinking of reframing some of the things I hate and looking at them as ways to get to do MORE of the things I love. I'll keep you posted.

- Picked up 3 new pepper plants during the aforementioned Home Depot trip -2 habaneros and a poblano. The local rabbit has been helping himself a little too much and must be stopped!

- Spent the weekend with Mom and Dad - had a ball - and so did Matt.

- Came home to find that our neighbor, Miss Jean, had a For Sale sign in her yard. Hightailed it over there to get the scoop. Miss Jean, I should clarify, will be 76 next month and is the legal guardian of Christian - the cutest 4 year old boy in the world, and my husband's best friend. We love Jean and Christian and we are really hoping the place doesn't sell and she will have to stick around. Apparently Christian woke up this morning crying telling Jean that if he moves, Matt won't be able to find him. No worries, I'll follow that kid to the ends of the earth, and so will Matt. We played with him for about an hour, helped him pick up his toys, and for our "trouble", Jean sent us home with a plate of soul food. Neighbors kick ass, let me tell you.

That's all for now. I've promised Matt a haircut, and bedtime approacheth.