Pleasant Valley Sunday

The weather is still very blah today, but Matt went for a ride on the Natchez Trail, and I'm heading to Cool Springs after I shower and dress. It's Makeover Day!

Plus, I still want to look at that skirt at Target - with my luck, it will be hideous. Actually, in a way, that would be better.

I have a little bellyache from too much Indian Food, dessert and coffee last night. We went out with Alex and Brandon. Remind me that if I ever get to Cabana again, I may want to wear something a little less... I don't know - frumpy? I left the house feeling cute and walked into Cabana feeling like a Wide Load.

What's a girl to do - living in a college town filled with young lovelies is enough to drive anyone over the age of 30 insane. But if like me, you're naturally low in the self-esteem department, well - you can't help but compare yourself to these ladies.

Although, at the end of the night, I fall asleep next to a man who loves me, a sweet dog, and under the roof of a beautiful home. It's all good.

A little stiff from yesterday's Zumba/falling incident. This too shall pass!

Starting to get ready for Kansas - it looks like it'll be warm but rainy. I may take my raincoat. Or I may chance getting spritzed from time to time. It's not the end of the world.

Tomorrow is either our last class with Cacilda, or our first class with Sarah. Either way, I'll get to see my friends and get a workout in to boot.

But for now, time to wash hair, find a cute outfit in the closet that sort of screams "me" so that the people at the Bobbi Brown counter get an idea of what they are dealing with. Oh, and put away the spaghetti sauce that Matt made this morning. It smelled a little...weird, and I'll admit I'm afraid of it.

Wish me luck on all fronts!