Flopsy or Mopsy?

We have a rabbit in the backyard. What kills me is that every time I come out there with Lola, the bunny gets this wild-eyed frantic “I gotta get outta here” look – which is awesome, because Lola hasn’t noticed the bunny once. So as soon as Lola is busy peeing or looking in a different direction, the rabbit creeps to the back of the yard and then hightails his cottontail out under the gate.

Since we don’t have anything planted yet, I’m not especially worried, and I don’t think the garden will be all that attractive to him once we plant, unless he wants to be a Hasenpfeffer. See, Hasen means rabbit in German, and I plant hot peppers and in German that's pfeffer, so... never mind. God, I slay me. Nothing like linguistic jokes to prove you are a nerd.

Other than a trip to the makeup counter with Natae (which we moved to Sunday), I don’t really think we have too much planned this weekend. I have already bought Henry’s birthday present, I need to take a quick trip to Green Hills for a little errand, and I’d like to go back to Target tonight with Mr. E – there’s a skirt I’ve kind of been eyeing there. And a video game he’s been eyeing. Lots of eyeing.

We had a nice storm late last night – the lightening must have hit right near the house because it woke me up and I nearly jumped out of my skin. In fact, I pulled a muscle! Ha! But we need the rain, so I can’t bitch too much. Also, I didn't yell at anyone in my dreams last night, so overall, it's good.

One thing I am going to do this weekend is start packing for the trip. I always get a lot of anxiety around these things because, what’s the phrase I’m looking for? Oh, yes – I haven’t a thing to wear. Which as we know is not true, but my basic insecurity always kicks in whenever I have to get out a suitcase. I should probably check the weather before I make too many decisions.

That’s it for the moment.

For now.


Unknown said…
I love that you know Flopsy and Mopsy