The doctor says it's bacterial conjunctivitis. Which, is pink eye, but not the "contagious" kind - which would be viral conjunctivitis.

Whatever. My right eye - that's OD or Ocularis Dextra to all you clinical types out there, is what I believe, were we in a better mood, we'd call "swole".

I went to the Quack in the Box last night, and they prescribed a topical antibiotic as well as some amoxicillin. I tried to fill the scrips at my local Walgreens last night, and they didn't have the eyedrops. At which point, I kind of lost it. I started crying and overreacting in general.

Let's cut to the chase - yesterday was not my best day.

I am hoping that today will be better.

But at the moment, it's gross, and I'm struggling. And it's 7:10 AM.



Alex said…
All I can offer is love. So here, have some of this love cake made by no other than the Ukrainian Destroyer himself. And I'll be happy to come down and buy you a desert this weekend if you'd like (the non-imaginary kind) :) Get better soon!