And another down and another one down...

Went to Lorenza's 9:30 Zumba this morning, and ended up falling during the second or third choreography. I got right back up, but it spooked me, and I finished the class out very timidly. I'm fine. Fell on my left side and the butt hurts a little as does that foot (I rolled it and lost my balance), but nothing permanent. In fact, at the moment, I feel fine.

At any rate, the class was so packed that I don't think anyone really noticed - well, except the people to either side of me - Erika asked if I was OK, and the girl in the AOPi shirt just looked irritated that I fell in her direction. Take a chill pill there Kaylie (not her real name that I know of), fat isn't contagious. Friggin' AOPi girls. Give me a Chi O any day.

Lorenza seemed to be having an emotional morning - she cut the class 10 minutes short (not that I'm complaining) and she told us not to let men hold us back and then started crying. I feel for her, because who hasn't started crying inappropriately at work before? Oh, wait - that's not normal? Oh well, never mind then -carry on!

Matt and I are going to go out for lunch somewhere, and that's really all we have planned so far. The weather is kind of blah - I can't plant veggies today, because I can't use the tiller -the ground is saturated. I could pull the pansies and start on the morning glories - we'll have to see.

I wouldn't mind a trip to Las Paletas, and given that Matt has bought some gear for the bike this morning, I don't think $5 worth of popsicles are out of the question.

I also wouldn't mind a nap - it's definitely the perfect weather for it. I wonder if there's anything good at the Belcourt.

I'm not sure exactly when I became so boring, but I embrace it!

Make it a great one, mes amis!