Tuesday Extended Dance Remix

  • So I bought a new car. The details of the bargaining/buying process are not all that compelling, but the car is a 2009 Corolla S in Barcelona Red. It has 160 miles on it, all but seven of which were put on by Matt and me. I love the car, but like any time I make a purchase of this magnitude, I’m feeling a little anxious.

  • Flight of the Conchords on Friday was excellent. We got to spend time with great friends listening to great music. Just well worth every penny, and I can’t put it any more succinctly than that.

  • Easter with the folks was great. They got in around noon on Saturday, helped with some of the cooking, entertained the pugs and took a spin in the new car. Then our friends arrived and we all had a great, fun, festive time. Great food, excellent conversation, and dogs, dogs, dogs! I will post pix ASAP.

  • Zumba last night was off the hook! I am glad to be making friends, meeting nice people and giving my body the cardio it needs, deserves and frankly has started to crave.

  • I missed the three most critical minutes of How I Met Your Mother last night. I recorded it, and they broke in at a crucial point of exposition with a Severe Weather Update. Not that I don’t appreciate what’s going on in Middle Tennessee weather-wise, but when I’ve narrowed my TV habits to one must-see show per week, every second counts. And that’s why I’ll be re-watching online. I’m a Barney/Robin ‘shipper, and that show kills me every single week. Matt hates it.

  • We downloaded Worms on Xbox this weekend, and even though I suck at it, I’m addicted. One day, eventually, I’ll beat someone at it. Maybe.

  • I wish it would either warm up and stay that way or get cold and stay that way. Preferably warm. My sinuses are in constant confused flux.

  • We’re going to do some planting this weekend – and I’m limiting my crops to hot peppers, and flowers to morning glories. I hate to pull the pansies – they were worth every penny this year, but it’s time to move into Spring, even if the weather isn’t cooperating.