I must have partied harder than I originally thought this weekend because today I’ve been dragging. Sunday we ended up meeting the guys for lunch, which turned into spending much of the rest of the day with them. I cooked dinner for everyone on the grill last night, and forgive me for bragging, but it was off the chain good. Grilled chicken which I’d marinated in buttermilk, cilantro and garlic, a cold rice and beans salad, and a little failed dessert that I salvaged and now call “Cheesecake in a Bowl” Damn graham cracker crusts!

And except for dessert, reasonably healthy.

Tonight, I Zumba to work off some of the effects of said dessert, and then home – to shower, possibly drink a cold beer (thus negating my workout) and then to bed.

Other than that – nothing much to report. Tomorrow we’ll head to Rivergate Toyota to get the tag for my car. I hope it spells out something interesting or contains an interesting string of data. I’ll miss my Wild Bear tag, but since it’s sitting in the box of stuff I pulled from the trunk, I think I’ll be making a birdhouse out of it, or offering it to the parentals to hang in the mountains.

Speaking of wildlife, some kind of birdie has created a nest on our front porch – it’s up too high for me to see if it contains anything – eggshells, babies or an angry mother. I’m going to need either a mirror, a ladder or both to see what we’ve got.

But given my love of birds, nests and such, I am glad. I can tell for sure that the bird used some of the discarded raffia from my scarecrow costume, and that makes me happy. If I had to guess, I’d say starlings. I'll keep you posted.

We’re closing in on our visit to Kansas. I need to start planning logistics, packing, buying birthday presents, Mother’s Day cards, and so on. I also need to quickly drop, oh, I don’t know…40 pounds. Any thoughts on that? And yes, I am considering some Aqua Ban. As I asked Mom the other day, is there a kind that lets you pee out excess body fat? Because if so, sign me up!

Meawhile, my body is screaming is… hey, can I get a nap first?

The answer to that question is…no.