Personal Anecdote Makes Good

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It's a follow-up on a story the reporter did about a new Google feature that allows you to stop an e mail once you've hit send. He asked for personal anecdotes from those of use who have mistaken the reply/forward button, or who have hit the reply all button at the wrong time.

In my e mail to him, I wrote:

Probably not as large scale as some you’ve referenced but no less horrifying to me…

Day four of my first job out of college – I receive an e mail request from someone I can’t place by name.

So I forward the e mail to the woman training me – with the question:

“Is this the guy who wears too much hair gel?”


Only, I didn’t hit forward. I hit reply.

So…the upshot is, he never said anything to me, I never said anything to him.

But he did lighten up on the hair gel, so…I like to think it was a well-timed public service announcement.

Great article.

Now, guess whose story is referenced in point number 14?