...or maybe it's not

So I was told by my body shop this morning they're totaling the car. Not all that surprising, given that Kelley Blue Book says it's worth anything from $1300 - $2100, and every last panel on the thing had dents from debris.

The question then becomes...what does that mean? From the sound of it, I'm not optimistic - Vic, at the body shop told me to come get the stuff out of my car. Which makes me think they aren't going to let me keep it and fix the glass out of pocket but let the body damage ride.

Which then begs the question, how much do they think the Echo is worth? And based on that, what can I buy that's going to give me a super cheap monthly payment.

As a precaution, I pulled a credit report and it's actually quite good. So that's comforting. I've also done a little prelim search in Nashville, and I figure if I can get something that puts payments in the $150 a month range, life will be good.

But hopefully, I can keep Zippy and move forward with caution.

I'm trying to be positive, but at the moment, crawling under a desk sounds like a great idea.