Meditations on a Tuesday

- I had two different dreams last night where I was screaming at people at the top of my lungs. No wonder I woke up feeling exhausted. I wonder if deep down, I'm really an angry person. Um, yeah, sister, and it's actually not all that deep down.

- There’s a project of deleting some bad assignments that I’ve been plugging away at for a few days now, and I haven’t even gotten through the B’s on the first title yet. It’s one of the most tedious, boring things I’ve done in recent memory, and I’m afraid it’s going to take months to complete. The fact that I spent part of my night yelling at people for various reasons doesn’t make me any more alert or excited about it.

- I could use some more caffeine, but a 20 oz Coke Zero should be enough to boot me up for the morning, shouldn’t it?

- In our morning status meeting, one of the sales guys was (once again) dressed like he was a pledge of Kappa Alpha fraternity. I almost told him that Chad and Skipper called to tell him to hurry back to the house to tap the keg. I kind of don’t think he’d laugh, but I would have.

- In the online version of the Atlanta paper this morning, they were looking for nominations for the Best Burger in Atlanta. As sure as I am that Five Guys has a way with ground beef, Five Guys is a chain. As is Red Robin, etc. If you can’t find a burger in Atlanta independently, call me. For what it’s worth, I gave shouts to Curbside CafĂ© and Rhea’s in Roswell, and the Varsity and the veggie burger at Manuel’s Tavern in the ATL. I may not live there anymore, but beats any day. As for my top picks here in Nashville, I’d say Fat Mo’s does a good job, as do Calhoun’s and Rotiers – though I think the last of those is overrated. Oh, shoot – I forgot Brown’s Diner! As good as burgers can get in Music City, though, I would trade any one location of Fat Mo’s for a small but decent Chinese restaurant.

- Flattery will get you everywhere. I have a colleague who told me today that I look nice - when honestly, I was feeling kind of thrown together. For what it’s worth, it looks like I’m going to get a makeup consultation at the Bobbi Brown counter at Cool Springs Mall on Friday at Natae’s suggestion. I’d love to think they’ll say that with my natural radiant looks, less would be more – but I think we all know that’s not going to happen – how would they sell their wares if they didn’t assure me that with the right eyeshadow palette, I could look 20 pounds lighter and ten years younger?

- Zumba last night was good – not a ton of people there, and if Cacilda’s husband is traveling next week, this may have been her last class – just in case it was, I pulled out my babel-fished phrase – “Obrigado par tuda” – which she understood, so apparently, I now know enough Portguese to be polite – which is to say, not nearly enough to stay out of trouble. I brought Matt in to meet her, and she commented that we will have beautiful children. I blushed and stammered, and then of course started thinking…well, she has a point…I have to think that Mr. Everett and I would produce a splendidly chubby, pink, happy bundle of joy – I’ve seen pictures of both of us as babies, and we were quite the adorable ones. But you know, babies grow up and they require time, and money, and if you’re not careful, or even if you are careful, they can break your heart. So for now, I believe we’ll stick with a dog.

- My 1PM training just got rescheduled. I should use this opportunity to take a full lunch and do something with it. But in reality, there’s not much that I can get done properly in that hour. Also, my boss’ Gal Friday, who is in charge of rescheduling training does not appear to have come to work today, but the bossman hasn’t mentioned this to anyone. I love how we’re all supposed to provide visibility, but at noon today, I’m asking whether I can expect to see a co-worker whose presence is linked directly with the flow of materials within the department. COME ON! And once again, I think if my boss’ boss could get away with it he’d ignore me altogether – but since I actually addressed him directly this morning, he had to reply to me, lest he look like a complete douche in front of other people.

- If not for the ability to call people douches, my life would not be nearly so rich. I'll be honest - while I firmly believe that people are basically good and well-intentioned, I seem to have several douchebags in my life that unfortunately want to practice their craft in my general vicinity. Maybe I'll dream about yelling at them. That'll show 'em.

I guess that’s plenty for now.



No Mommy Brain said…
bill says the best burger in town is at the edgefield in east nashville. it will fill you up for 3 or 4 days so don't go unless you're really hungry.
Joe said…
AE, you are awesome.
Unknown said…
So uh I've been using the D word and D-bag a LOT lately. It's replacing my once favorite F word. I still like the F word and it has it's place but honestly D-bag or D is moving on up. And I wonder if it's gross but then I don't care b/c it makes me feel better to say it.

AND your natural radiance does and will show through - they are all about less is more there which is why I love em :) They won't make you look like a trashy whore haha unless that's what you want of course :)