Left Undone

Here we are at Sunday night, and even though we had a great weekend, we worked and played hard, I'm sitting here, it's nearly 8PM, and all I can think of are the things that aren't done. Like laundry. Grocery shopping. My toenails.

The women in my family have traditionally hated Sundays, I think for the very reason above. It's not that I dread Monday (although, with my last job I did) - it's just that I could use one extra day each weekend for catching up. On sleep, on cleaning, on phone calls, on perfecting my XBox skills.

Matt's getting a few minutes in on the saxophone, then we're making a quick run to Trader Joe's followed by a longer jaunt through Kroger. Not my usual Kroger, but I can adapt. I have a list and that's a start.

Friday night Matt and I went to have dinner at Seb, Alex, Brandon and Chris'. But only Seb and Brandon were in residence. Also in attendance were Steve, Natae, Rese as well as Natae's dog Violet, Steve's dog Fenway, and of course Seb's Pebbles. The dogs had as much fun as the owners.

Since then though, I've been battling heartburn - not that those gents can't grill - au contraire. I think I have just gotten out of balance and I need to realign.

Speaking of realign - my jaw is still pretty jacked up. I need to see someone, but insurance rarely if ever covers TMJ and related BS. I also need to find a good ENT. My tonsils are ready to be released into the wild. I also wish I had thought to liberate a few Soma on my last trip to Atlanta. Alas!

I heard a whippoorwill last night while taking Lola out for her evening pee. I have only heard one once before - and that was in the mountains. Dad is itching to get back up there and I don't blame him. It will be July before I get up there again. But as soon as I'm there, I'll be in the waterfall.

Our summer is starting to get jam-packed, and I am excited. I want to have a party here sometime soon - maybe between Kansas and Memorial Day. I need to see who is in for a trip to Chattanooga to see the Lookouts play.

So much to do. So much left undone.

I think I'll go persuade Matt to pack up his sax and drive with me to Trader Joe's.

Happy Sunday.


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