Jaw Popping Events

I grind my teeth, as you know.

My jaw has been a little (or, a lot) out of alignment the past few days and I need to get it back into place and not hurting.

Also, I am completely done with my colleague who can't seem to find the "vibrate" setting on his phone. I'm glad he's Journey's #1 Fan - but I'm ready to take a sledgehammer to his cell and remind him that etiquette isn't dead, but his cellphone is.

So I guess all of me is a little out of joint.

Zumba tonight - though I'd really rather just take a nap, play a little XBox.

I am planning to do a some shopping to round out my Spring and Summer wardrobe. I really need sandals - I'm going to hit Payless for those. No point in putting perfectly good cabbage on shoes - not for these feet. I also need pants. Badly.

The weekend approaches and if we have decent weather, I'm putting in our garden. Hot peppers of every kind.

And morning glories.

No tomatoes, no bedding plants, no zinnias this year. I am economizing - but damned if I won't make my jelly.

Priorities. Gotta have them straight.


Unknown said…
I will buy tomato plants for your garden if you plant them and tend to them so I/we can then eat them. Seriously.