I’ll take “Things That Make You Go Hmm” for $800, Alex.

I want candy!

So I’m in my local WalMart a few days ago, and while in the checkout line, I look to my left at the candy display. Hershey’s has a new bar – a Milk Chocolate Hershey Bar with peanuts. Sound familiar? That’s because they’ve been making them for years. Since 1925, in fact, and calling them Mr. Goodbar. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Milky Way Midnights? Those used to be Forever Yours bars. And Snickers with Almonds – ever heard of a Mars bar? Not the British version, which is closer to a Milky Way, but the discontinued American version. Basically, they pulled Mars Bars and replaced them with Snickers with Almonds.

Messrs Mars and Hershey – the American candy eater is no fool – you can call a candy bar whatever you choose, but we know that a Mr. Goodbar by any other name would taste as sweet (and as peanutty). Also, I appreciate that you have renamed Plain M&Ms – they’re now Milk Chocolate M&Ms - but if they melt in my mouth and not my hands, it’s all good.

Double My Zumba

There is, as it turns out, one advantage to having to work 10-7 tomorrow, and that is that at 8:15 AM on Fridays, Cacilda has a Zumba class at the Y. To which I say, count me in! I’ll have to shower and dress at the Y, but that’s been done before and will be done again. Every Friday that I have a 10-7 henceforth. Yay! Of course, the real question is – can Allison shower and dress and get to work from the Y in 45 minutes? I guess we’ll see.

Pack it up, pack it in

I’m not sure why getting ready to go to Atlanta is taking so much effort – but it is. That’s all. I mean, does it really matter what I wear up to the meeting at Goshen? No… well, maybe… no.

Another Fine Mess

Matt is on an inexplicable Laurel and Hardy kick these days. As a bonafide Chaplinophile, I relate. And honestly, there’s something about the idea of having a foil that works so well here. I also see a lot of Laurel and Hardy in my marriage – not the hitting each other, smacking into things, but the interaction between those two is at times very primitive but also very sweet. I don’t know – it has made me consider getting a copy of the biopic Chaplin to spark some interest.

Haircut Day is Here!

Tonight, I get my haircut and scalp massage. I can’t wait. Ironically, my hair looks terrific today – timing is everything.

Book Report:

After our Sunday jaunt to the library, I finished two this week – Fannie Flagg’s Just Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven and Alison Lurie’s Truth and Consequences.
The latter was typical Lurie, though her material is somewhat watered down as of late. Most of her books center around Corinth University, a fictional New England college. The basic premise is that a long married couple grows apart because of the husband’s lingering illness, and when a new couple moves into town, they essentially have a wife swap. And it works out well for the female protagonist and the new man, but not the male protagonist and new woman – a theme that Lurie seems to beat to death. Maybe she’s working through something. Her book Foreign Affairs was sweet and moving (and Pulitzer-winning) this is just…well a decent read, but not much more. At the same time, Fannie Flagg is mining through the leftovers of two of her latest works, but Just Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven, while derivative, is vastly entertaining. What I like about Flagg is that she takes a minor character from an older story and fleshes that person out – Welcome to The World, Baby Girl begat Standing in the Rainbow which begat Just Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven. So, yeah, good stuff.

Stormy Weather

Rain, rain, go away – well, at least in time for it not to ruin my hair.