I'll mourn ya til I join ya!

Zippy: 2001 - 2009 R.I.P.

So after wearing out the redial button, I was finally able to get my insurance guy on the phone this morning.

Last night, Matt and I talked out a few scenarios, and decided that if the price was right, we’d take the money and put it down on a new(er) car. Otherwise, I’d fix the Echo and move forward.

As it turns out, the price was right. Very, very right. They’re giving me $5600 to walk away from my Echo and never look back.

Sure, I was sad when I closed my trunk for the very last time, and I was disappointed to realize my beloved bumper stickers weren’t coming with me, but let’s be very, very honest for a second.

Recently, every time I hit the brakes on Zippy, the steering wheel vibrated wildly. That’s bad, right? And when am I ever going to get that kind of money on an eight year old car with 144,000 miles on it? Exactly.

I have a few new(ish) cars in mind. We’re going to take a look on Friday and hopefully I’ll have something by the end of that day. Basically, I have the rental til next Tuesday, and I need to make it happen sooner rather than later.

In other news, my Zumba class this week KICKED ASS. Sarah (blonde Sarah, not brunette Sarah) brought in pineapple upside-down cupcakes in celebration of her birthday. I told my classmates that whether they realize it or not, they’re holding me accountable for showing up every week, and that I’ve replaced my Weight Watchers meetings with Zumba, which is more fun. Turns out they all feel like we keep each other showing up! And they would be disappointed if I missed a class. It was a love fest, to be sure.

Now if I could only stop eating like a crazy person.


Mom, Dad, the pugs and a new piece of furniture are coming to Nashville this weekend, and I am SO EXCITED! Mostly about my parents and the pugs, but the furniture, a wood hutch, will bring much needed storage to the house. I may turn it into a bar. Or it may just act as storage for “pretty things”.

Life is sweet, my friends.


Unknown said…
Yea! Get to meet the parents and the pugs! Sorry for Zippy and your loss but woo hoo on the cash!