How we celebrate

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Dad's open heart surgery. Which is a day I'd love to forget but never will.

The night before, Matt had gotten a call from the Red Cross letting us know it was time to come back in, so we went over around noon to give it the old college try. I came very close to getting booted -my first iron reading was 12.4 - and 12.5 is the minimum. So when they poked the left middle finger (which sucks), it came up 12.7 and all was well.

I thanked the woman who collected my pint and explained the significance of the day to her, and she kind of perked up a little - prior to that, she was just hungry and ready for lunch.

After a quick coke and cookie with the Red Cross, we enjoyed a garlicky lunch at Italian Market (penne and chicken with a bleu cheese and sundried tomato cream sauce - excellent) and a jaunt to Borders for another look at half-priced CDs. Then Matt and I met up with our friends to watch the Nashville Sounds beat up on the Iowa Cubs.

Here's a picture of the boys - Seb wasn't feeling it so Alex put him in a headlock:

And here's me and my better half:

We enjoyed the game - the Sounds won. The game was packed - a lot of people in town for the Marathon came to the game post run.

Which reminds me - a shout out to Karen, Joe and Joe's mom for their efforts on the half marathon yesterday!

Today, Matt wants a massage (he has a knot in his shooting shoulder that feels like a golf ball), I need to hit the grocery, and we have got to fix a washer in my bathroom.
In Lola news - her annual visit to the vet yesterday went very well, but like her mommy, she needs to slim down by about 4 pounds - her 4 is my 40 (or 70).

That's it from here.
And you?


Joe said…
Hey! Thanks for the shoutout!