Frood, Blued and Tattooed

So the other day my friend Natae let me borrow a CD that she found in her travels – it’s a pastor from what I can only assume was a very conservative Midwest church (denomination unknown) preaching on the Seven Evils that Are Corrupting Christianity.

Right now I’m on number four – a man by the name of Sigmund Frood – he was the creator of Froodonian Psychology. If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’. I am all for people believing what they want, but on the other hand, if you’re going to denounce, learn to pronounce.

I will also point out that according to this man, Frood was a member of the Jewish race, and an atheist.

For one, Jews are not a race, they are a religion. And two, as Judiasm is a religion, it would be difficult to say that you were a Jewish Atheist. It would be akin to saying I was an Agnostic Episcopalian. Which I’m not, I’m just saying.

He further points out that Frood is responsible for Sex Education, which is the reason that half the girls in his grade were pregnant by the time they were out of High School. Unless Frood himself fornicated with each and every one of those girls, I’m not buying.

Well, different strokes for different folks. It has been an interesting listen.

Craft Night last night was awesome – the hostess, Erika has a great house – open, airy, good colors and textures – all the things I love. Plenty of good eats, good company, and decoupage to die for. Mine are quirky and sweet, if not entirely well-executed. Erika made hers from old medical textbook illustrations, and I think they’d fetch a pretty penny at Pangaea. It was nice to meet Erika’s friends –all super nice, intelligent folks, and spend some civilian time with my fellow Zumba-ers. Anna was there, and Erika’s daughter Dylan came in right before I went home.

No huge plans for the weekend. I did a mad dash cleaning spree late into last night in prep for the appraisal visit today. Which took all of about 10 minutes – the guy who did it appeared to be about 21 – but he thought Lola was pretty, and you know me – I’m a sucker for flattery – even if it’s vicarious through my beast. Apparently, his dog also had allergies and so the cone was no big deal to him.

Speaking of Lola, she has her annual visit to the vet in the AM – and thereby, her first ride in the new car. Well, it had to happen eventually. I also need to vacuum and wash the damn thing. I am turning into Matt where cars are concerned.

To that end, because I now have a front license plate space, I ordered a little something for the car – in homage to my father, I have procured a Jamaican flag license plate, and will be proudly showing my Jamerican Heritage to one and all. Matt wasn’t totally onboard, but then again – my car, my car payment, my front bumper. Plus, I could have gotten something awful like “Spoiled Rotten” or “Princess”, or “Daddy’s Lil Ho” so I think by comparison, this is pretty tame. I need to install it tonight.

I also really need a nap. I didn’t sleep well last night, or nearly enough. Since the weather is nice, I’d love to grill out this evening, but I suspect we need to refill the propane tank, and while we do have charcoal, I’m not that committed. I’d also point out that the Sounds are in town tomorrow, which is always good. Plus, time to put the garden in – this weekend there are no excuses.

So, the more I write, the more I realize we actually could do this weekend.

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