All Good Things

Today marks the one year anniversary of Dad’s initial heart attack which set off the spiral of events which I honestly, still haven’t recovered from.

In my mind, the mean part of me is screaming, “Get over it!” , but the nurturing part is saying gently, “Well of course you’re not over it – that was completely devastating, and you didn’t take time to deal with it while it was happening, and naturally you’re still processing it all.”

Somehow, the “get over it” message seems to be coming in louder.

I asked Dad last night if he would be marking this occasion, and he indicated that this was not a date in his canon of holidays. Whereas we know I'll celebrate anything.

So there’s that. I’ll probably be processing my feelings a good bit on the old blogaroo for the next month or so. Lucky you.

In other devastating news, my Zumba instructor is moving to Denver. Tell me that isn’t a country song for the new millennium! Seriously though, Cacilda is flying the coop – her last class is May 4th, and I’ll be there every last class until then. She said she’d miss me. She doesn’t know the half of it, sister! It's a great move for her, and as for her students, well, the news isn't all bad.

Her replacement is a classmate of mine – Sarah – who just certified this past weekend. So far, I’m nervously optimistic. She’s very sweet, a terrific, positive, lovely young woman, but she says she doesn’t just love the Latin stuff. And she was showing a choreography last night to Sylvia and Mickey’s “Love is Strange”. Cue flashbacks to my Middle School years – complete with bad hair, braces and too much acid wash denim. The moves are fun, but how am I going to survive without being asked to shake my bunda, which apparently is Brazilian slang for booty. And I love it when Cacilda calls us meninas bonitas.

Oh well – all good things must come to an end.

And it’s not like I’m going to stop Zumba. But I owe a lot to Cacilda and she doesn’t even know it.

For example, I got invited to a Craft Night at the house of one of my fellow classmates – we’re going to be making decoupage coasters. Guess what Mom is getting for Mother’s Day?

I also got a beauty tip for clear skin from another classmate. Which, given that she has gorgeous skin, sounds like a good idea…until she says “Lava Soap”. I’ll try it – worst that can happen is I break out in a Volcanic Rash (ha, ha - get it?) and have to stop.

It’s all good.

Really, it is all very good.