Wow, that's go on!

So much to tell you, and none of it all that interesting.

I went to WalMart yesterday in search of cheap work clothes. I ended up buying cheap Zumba clothes instead. Well, really - I needed them - I got a pair of workout "Bermuda Shorts" courtesy of Danskin - they're black, boring and will show off my pale legs with all their scars glistening in the fluorescent studio light. But they'll also be cooler, and as the warmer months approach, they'll be good - enough coverage of the parts I need to conceal, but with enough ventilation so I don't pass out. I also bought two t-shirts - one for work, one for workouts - the workout shirt has a bright floral/paisleyish pattern crawling down the side and seems like something Carmen Miranda would have picked out. Assuming that Carmen was a full-figured 34 year-old WalMart shopper. With a limited budget.

I need to stop shopping there - I've read and watched so many stories about how terrible they are. And I know...I know. They don't deserve my business. But Target has stopped carrying things I can actually wear - the size isn't the issue - it's that the quality and asthetics are pitiful. K-Mart is a mixed bag, and Academy Sports doesn't carry workout gear in my size - which means if I want something, I shop in Men's - which is counterproductive - I am learning that if I wear stuff that isn't baggy and floppy, I can see my movements better and I just feel better altogether. And I stop perceiving myself as baggy and floppy. Frumpy is overrated.

To that end, haircut time is coming soon! I have an appointment for April 2nd - 7PM. Right before I drive down to Atlanta for the weekend - which means I will have killer hair for our club meeting at Soque. And that's critical. Because if my hair's a mess, the fact that I actually know Robert's Rules of Order is for naught.

So, in reality, I have two weeks to decide what I want from this haircut - which, at the end of it, will probably look like every haircut I've had for the past, what, three or four years? I can't help it - my hair is tricky, I don't like spending time on it, and ultimately, I need enough of it to have a decent hair/face ratio. I have been able to wean myself off the headbands, which means I have to actually work out ways to keep it out of my face. Today, it's a barrette. It probably isn't gorgeous, but the ability to see my computer...worth it.

Tonight is the Zumba class with Lorenza. She seems to be most popular with the uber-thin, ultra-hip twentysomethings - she's part fly girl, part drill instructor - her class is big on cardio, light on samba. I've decided that Mondays are for pleasure, Thursdays are for pain. But - either way, I sweat profusely, so it's all good.

We had a particularly good CrockPot dinner last night - I added chipotle peppers packed in adobo and it totally worked. We'll do that again soon!

And that, is that.


Unknown said…
I'm really wishing I could do the Zumba thing with sounds fun
No Mommy Brain said…
i took a lorenza zumba class at the green hills Y yesterday! it was my first with her and i liked it a lot. my favorite zumba teacher is still caley - she's at the east Y saturdays at 9:15. you gotta check it out!