Whither Clarence?

Good news: as it turns out, I am not so much Eddie Haskell, but more Lumpy Rutherford. Which is to say, nice, friendly, dependable and average. My review was neither stellar nor horrifying. A safe, middling mediocre. I'd be upset, but I realize that if you only have run of the mill funds to distribute, best to write reviews that match.
I attempted to talk with my father about this, completely forgetting two things - that because he's a man, he feels that any time I talk about a problem, he should offer a solution or critique. And because he is spent 35 years in management, he is not only a man, but "the man", he's not going to side with me on matters of employee/employer relations. Instead, I get a lecture.

Which, given that he's been out of the managerial workforce for a decade, and never worked in a technology environment, kind of makes less of an impact and merely annoys me.

What I was looking for was a completely partisan affirmation of my worth and "the man's" inability to correctly assess said worth. Instead, I was reminded how lucky I am to have a job and a paycheck. I'll point out that my father actually makes more money to NOT go to work than I make for showing up to the office and putting in my five day grind. Pensions. Feh!

Enough of that, though. On a pleasanter note...

The weather is starting to give me hope that Spring is coming… This weekend we have the time change, and that’s never a bad thing, though given a choice who wouldn’t prefer falling back to springing forward? That said, I’m starting to enjoy all the fun, happy Easter displays I see in the stores. What is it about holiday candy? The maple cream eggs – that Russell Stover fellow is an evil genius!

I remember once in a Weight Watchers meeting, they talked about that there is roughly six months running throughout the year that has “theme candy” – and shouldn’t that convince you that it isn’t special at all? Um. No – I still get excited by it.

So, we start with the pumpkins, bats and eyeballs in October, which segues into hollow chocolate turkeys at Thanksgiving (if you can find them) – everything under the sun is Christmas themed, and by the time they’ve cleared that out, the stores are full of heart-shaped boxes, conversation hearts, and heart-shaped lollipops.

That leads you into Easter – bunnies, eggs, more eggs and bunnies – and occasionally, chocolate crosses. Which always kind of turn me off. Eddie Izzard has a nice schtick on this, should you be so inclined. During the summer, you can usually get Red, White and Blue M&Ms – which is nice, but it’s not a peanutty, nougat filled Uncle Sam, now is it?


That’s it from here. Reporting live from here, back to you, over there.