Spring has Sprung

It's that time of year again. I completely blanked on the Vernal Equinox - the illustration at the top of the Google homepage is what finally clued me in late yesterday afternoon.

Today marked the first day of a season favorite of mine - the bunnies at Phillips Toy Mart. Last year, our plans to make an outing of it were thwarted by my snowphobia and then by our delayed arrival on their last day at the store.

Every year, for the benefit of kids and kids-at-heart they do a display featuring live bunnies and each year, it has a theme. The first year I saw it, the theme was Hillbilly Bunnies. It featured a large front porch with a still which claimed to make carrot juice. Great fun. Last year, the theme was Mexican, and the bunnies had a huge wooden sombrero to climb in and out of.

This year, it was set up like a fireworks stand - advertisting carrot bombs, romaine candles, etc. Sebastian and Alex joined me and Matt for some fun with bunnies.

We then had a late lunch, a quick browse through FYE and then off to Las Paletas for a little frozen goodness and finally to Sevier Part for some badminton and frisbee time.

Basically, a great way to start Spring with friends.

And thankfully, my friends are willing to go along with my folly.
I also announce with much joy, that we have our own wild bunny hanging out in our backyard. Lola has yet to notice.
Life is good.