Perspective? Never heard of it.

So, once again, last night at Zumba, attack of the clueless.

These four sweet young things - college-aged, thin, tan and oblivious walked into class -which was PACKED to begin with, five minutes late and inserted themselves in front of me. Directly in front of me - and proceeded to laugh at their dance moves, chat with each other, block my already limited view of the instructor and GET IN MY WAY for 40 minutes. One of them hit me while flailing, and apologized, but then got right in the way again.

What I kept thinking is - these girls are in shape and healthy, and they're impeding my progress - and my life depends on this class - not just emotionally, but physically - as the daughter of a diabetic heart patient, it's critical that I get moving and keep up my heart rate. They're just going to head back to the KKG house and polish their pearls, eat a pizza then barf it up.

Ok - that's not fair and I know it. KKGs aren't bulimics - that's the Chi Os. I kid, I kid - all houses have girls with eating disorders*.

I was grumbling to one of my pals in class who found them as annoying as I do - she's a nice young woman, aged 17 - she and her mother do the class together - her Mom looks so young, I thought they were roommates when I met them. Anyway, Dylan, the daughter, was right there with me bitching about these girls. It's not that their youth pissed me off - it's their basic ignorance that was killing me. I finally confided to Dylan that I must be prejudiced against skinny people and she laughed. Dylan is awesome.

But that's really not it. I don't begrudge anyone their physique - what I hate is people who are so self-obsessed that they forget that other people are sharing the planet with them.

I fully acknowledge that I MUST CHILL - but at the same time, come on!

It's like the people who talk during movies, the officemates who leave their cellphones ringing at full volume (with cheesy 80's ringtones), and people who don't flush in the bathrooms.

I guess part of me is jealous because I'm so self-conscious. I would never think of walking in late, or if I did - I'd slink apologetically to the back of the room.

On the upside, I got a killer workout, got to see lots of folks - and I realized that I have lots of cool workout buddies. But if Caitlin, Ansley, Libby and Marissa** get in the way next time, I'm going to....

Probably bitch about it and do nothing. Ah well...

*I have no real bias against sororities, having been in one. I will tell you that Chi O cut me right away (and I hear their skit round was LAME) - I went back to Kappa Kappa Gamma second round, where they used summer as a verb. And since I summered in the express checkout lane at Harry's, that was that. Their skit was pretty awesome though.

**Not their real names, as far as I know...