Mover and Shaker

Big week here in Nashville…well, that is, if you’re me – if you’re not me, I can’t say for sure how your week will be. Or whether you'll be in Nashville - take charge of your own destiny on that!

Today and tomorrow at the office, we’re wrapping up the quarter, which means we’re packaging content – I won’t go into the boring details, but suffice it to say, we’re at risk for repetitive stress injury from using the mouse for eight hours non-stop. On the bright side, my boss is bringing in pizza tomorrow. If I'm up to it, I may bring in dessert. Just to be nice. And so that we have dessert.

Tonight, I have Zumba. I am looking forward to shaking off some crunchiness in my shoulders (see above for cause). Once I get home, I get to watch a brand new episode of How I Met Your Mother. And then they’ll go into reruns for a bit, then…MAY SWEEPS!

Tomorrow I need to focus in on getting the house in shape and laundering, folding and putting away clothes with wild abandon. It’s also payday! Yeah!

Wednesday is normally a 10-7 but not this week, so – I may try to run an errand at lunch and find my mother a birthday present as she turns 65 this week – which means in no time at all, Matt and I will be turning 35. Ouch. I still think of myself stuck at 27. Why 27? Why not?

Thursday, we interrupt my regularly scheduled Zumba for something enormous – in several senses of the word. I’m getting a haircut. I finally narrowed the date down – I haven’t had one since December. I’m sure my stylist wouldn’t approve. But with the haircut comes the all-critical scalp massage. I’m thinking of asking her to cut my dreads into a wedge, which sounds dated – a la Dorothy Hamill. But the fact is, I have a picture I want her to use, and miracle of miracles, it’s actually a photo of my hair, taken within the last 12 months. So! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, naysayers!

That brings us to Friday, where I suck it up and work my monthly ration of a Friday 10-7. As bad luck would have it – right after the schedule got made, I received notice of a meeting up in the mountains. So Friday AM, I'll pack up the Echo, head to the office and finish up my five day grind. Then late Friday, I’ll make my way over the river, through the woods and across these many miles to get to Atlanta – scheduled arrival around 1AM ET. I’ll sleep in, get up, breakfast with the folks, then get back in the car, head over the river and through a different set of woods to get to the cabin. We’re meeting at 3:30 PM ET, and once we adjourn, I’ll get back in the car, head back through the woods, over the river and to my parents house again. Dinner with them, sleep and then head back up to Nashville, where I will wonder where my weekend went. To say nothing of the tread on my tires.

Don’t get me wrong – it’ll be good to see my parents, given that I haven’t seen them since the first week of February. It’ll be good to harass their pugs by giving them what I like to call “The Grapefruit Squeezer” – wherein I use my hand as though it were holding a half grapefruit and I use their faces as the juicer. It’s fun. They seem to enjoy it.

It will really be good to get to the mountains. I haven’t been since our vacation in October, and I’ve missed it. Although, it ends up being nothing but sitting in a meeting – to be fair, it’s better to sit in a meeting on Alan Pitts’ porch than in a conference room, but as they say – it is what it is.

It will suck balls to drive what ends up being easily 700 miles in less than a 48 hour period. I may take myself to the mall for a treat – mama needs a new pair of shoes. Actually, Mama needs several new pairs of shoes, but is willing to settle for one…black sandals. Badly needed – mine for the past three years are badly worn and don’t need to see the light of day this year.

That’s the week as I see it. I need a nap!