Monday Miscellany

1. I desperately need a haircut. It's getting ridiculous. But at the same time, I am not feeling much like spending money on something that banal and fleeting. Too bad we can't get Matt's clippers out and give me a nice short summer cut. Well, we could, but... I wasn't meant to wear a buzzcut.

2. Great weekend with the cousins-in-law. There is something kind of fun about showing people around Nashville - as I explained to them - Matt provides facts, I offer color commentary. Add to that a few great dinners and you have a successful weekend. It didn't hurt that they seemed to really take to Lola. She has mellowed into a nice little family dog.

3. Because we had family coming to town, Matt and I gave the place a thorough cleaning and it looks great. Which is good - Easter will be here soon, and the tribal elders are allegedly going to grace us with their presence. I am starting to dream up a dinner menu for their visit. One thing is certain - devilled egss will be involved.

4. In re: #3 - we've had company two weekends in a row - and both times, one of the guests has described our home as "warm". Granted, we do put the heat up a little if others are coming over - but they meant more emotionally warm than physically. I'm glad - because that is certainly what you hope for when you put your lebensraum stogether. Maybe it's a hodgepodge, and for sure we need more seating, but it's definitely a home and it feels like us.

5. I am so tired, it's all I can do not to close my eyes at my desk and take a 2 hour power nap. After work, there's dinner, laundry and Zumba, and after Zumba, there's a shower and some more laundry, How I Met Your Mother and then, glorious, lovely, spectacular sleep. If I didn't desperately need to get laundry in order, I'd skip that, and TV and a shower and just throw my sweaty, post-Zumba carcass into bed.

6. The weather continues to confound and irritate. I need some sunshine and warm weather. Stat.

7. I also could use some clothes. It's that time of year - I just need a few tops and a pair or 2 of pants to get through the next few months.

8. My husband continues to impress me with his generosity and kindness. Yesterday, while hanging out in Hillsboro Village, we started chatting with a homeless man - when he revealed he didn't want money, but could use something to eat, Matt walked over to Domino's with him and bought the guy a sandwich (that's all he wanted...a sandwich). Matt is a good man - and not that I wouldn't have done it and not that I'm surprised Matt did - but it's just more proof what a good life we have and how lucky we are.

9. Confidential to Jennifer Aniston - two thoughts - one; take a little break from the dating scene. Please. Two; when you come back ready to date - don't pick a celeb. Pick an average nice guy who will treat you like a princess. Sure, Brad was a fool, Angelina is driving me nuts with her amazing technicolor offspring, but I'm tired of seeing you on all the tabloid covers with your dating-life disasters. Pull it together!