I got plenty of nothin'

Even when I don't have anything especially interesting to share, I can usually pluck something that's blowing through the jasmine in my mind.

Today, I can't think of a damn thing.

Well, I will tell you that Easter may end up down in the ATL after all. Mom and Dad have realized what a hassle it is to get here (no, really?) so we may take Lola and go there. Which would completely f up my dinner party plans, or maybe delay them a few weekends, sans parents.

Had fun at a baby shower for a co-worker this weekend - the hostesses did a great job - it was very girly and fun - and I mean that in the best way. I only wish I had worn something cuter and was fifty pounds thinner.

Ran into a Zumba buddy at the library today - looking forward to the 7:30 with Cacilda tomorrow. Lorenza is great, but I need my Bossa Nova "warmdown" to get Monday started.

We went bowling down in Franklin last night with some of the young people - had a great time. I do love my social life here in Middle Tennessee.

And that's really that.

I am hoping that Mom and Dad will come here for Easter, especially since I have combed the entire metro area for chenille chicks to put on a cake:
I currently have three sizes and four colors. I must have a cake or I forfeit the right to use the chicks til next Easter. Look at those sad, beady little eyes. I can't hurt them... I just can't!

Oh well. Patience.

On second thought, I guess I did come up with a little something after all.