Holy Mackerel!

This time of year, you see many a Friday Night Fish Fry at the local churches. The Pope lifted the ban on eating meat on Friday years ago, didn't he? Ah, well - it's Lenten Season.

I will say, when I was in Seattle, I couldn't get enough of the Fish n Chips at Ivar's. I also like fried shrimp. I'll eat both fish and shrimp in more healthy forms, but who doesn't love a little batter dipped seafood thrown into hot oil? To say nothing of hush puppies. Grawwwr.

Nothing big planned so far this weekend, though I'm attempting to lure people over with the promise of dinner. Who knows - mostly, that is incentive for me to get the house good and cleaned up - which I need to do for the cousins' visit next week.

Dad was telling me last night they're thinking of letting their male pug, Dude, get a little procreation on before they neuter him - a friend has a female who she wants to breed for puppies. Men - always wanting to spread seed and leave without facing consequences.

Dad then told me about a birthday party at his house where his dog and a neighborhood dog started screwing in front of all the horrified kiddies, and that his mother took a long time getting the hose out to break up the action. Tell me that's not a scene in a movie. Or that at least, it shouldn't be!

Other than that, it's Friday, and I'm glad of it. It's been a long week, and I'm ready for a little time away from phones, e mails and spreadsheets.

Blogging doesn't count. It's for play!