Go away!

It's raining, sleeting and spitting the occasional snowflake today. I'd give anything to be piled under some eiderdown with a warm beverage at the ready.

My throat hurts, which is what happens when the weather goes from 81 to 35 as the high in a matter of 24 hours. Plus, it's a job hazard, but I talk a lot. Like... a lot. Yesterday, 2 sessions at two hours apiece - and another today. It starts to wear on you - especially when you have to carefully choose each word and when you lose you place you can't say, "Aw, fuck! What was I saying?"

And today, I get this inane e mail about how someone microwaved something stinky in the front kitchen and please don't do that.

I think e mails like that ought to be outlawed - but that the ones telling you to get your scummy coffee mugs out of the sink are OK. Mostly because food smells don't bother me but scum water is skeezy.

Hell, at Harry's, back in the day, I rang up things that might make mere mortals heave. Assorted fish heads, par exemple - in a bag of drippy ice.

I'd like to leave those on Mr. Anal-about-Smells' desk. Oy vey.

I did not end up with any hamantaschen, but I did get to tell all the good Baptist folk in my office about Esther yesterday. They need a little more exposure to the OT.

I've been trying to live the Carmen Miranda Lifestyle - aka - the South American Way - and it's moderately easy, though, let's be honest - I have no desire to take the 6:30 Zumba tonight - as it's very largely hip-hop and makes my shins ache.

And the weather is crap, and I'm tired. So...tonight, it's dinner with the man I love, watch a little Netflix and early to bed - I have the 7AM duty tomorrow. Ouch.

Even Carmen had her limits.