Escolha sua própria aventura!

In taking my own advice, I read the book of Esther last night. And one correction – she was a Queen - not a Princess. Mea culpa.

Also, she and all the other ladies in contention for Xerxes’ affection were treated to a year-long beauty ritual which involved a special diet and six months of massages with myrrh, another six month of massages with scented oils. Personally, I kind of like the sound of that. It almost sounds like the Old Testament version of “The Bachelor”. Esther got the final rose. Well, there is nothing new under sun, or so says Ecclesiastes. And no, I’m not turning into some religious scholar, but it is kind of interesting, n’est ce-pas?

In other thoughts for the day, I’ve decided to adapt Zumba into a lifestyle – in other words, would Carmen Miranda eat McDonalds? Probably not – it would interfere with her chicka-chicka-boom-chick. Would she eat chocolate? Sure, if it was really good and not just crappy Hershey’s kisses or something. Would she cha-cha down the halls at work? Yes. Wear bright pink lipstick? Affirmative. Eschew dull boring clothes for something flashy? Of course! Stand up straight and shake what her mama gave her? Indubitably. Wear lots of flashy beads and big earrings? Sometimes.

I will continue to drink beer every now and then, even though she didn’t drink. Ok, so she didn’t drink, but she also stayed married to an abusive husband – she’s human people. That means I can occasionally imbibe – and maybe less beer, more Cuba Libres. Also, I think I’ll stick with my sweet, non-abusive husband. I’m just kind of crazy like that.

Nothing too worth mentioning other than that. My spring is starting to fill up, socially. My department has challenged another department (Content Development) to a game of kickball in a few weeks. We have named ourselves the Pop-Up Blockers and I am pretty…scared. I haven’t played in several decades, and let’s face it – I wasn’t good then, I won’t be now.

On the up side, I’m the one who came up with the team name, so, mad props.

That’s all from here for now.



Unknown said…
love the name! i havent' decided if i'm in for the kick ball - even though jamie invited the sme's. but it would be fun to cheer ya all on. i really like the WWCMD concept - perhaps you should get some rubber bracelets or a magnetic ribbon to show your support/founding of the movement. can i just say i'm feeling bitchy and sarcastic right now for some unknown reason. just thought i'd share.

hasta amiga