Little triangles of cleverness!

At what point did my life become so predictable?

It’s Monday, which means – go home, take the dog out, feed the dog, start dinner, take the dog out again, eat dinner, clean up from dinner, set the DVR to record “How I Met Your Mother”, get dressed for Zumba, go to class, go to Trader Joe’s, debate merits of buying dried fruit bars, buy dried fruit bars, come home, watch “How I Met Your Mother”, shower, take pills, figure out what to wear for Tuesday, take the dog out, lock up, and go to bed.

Tuesday is pretty much the same, minus TV and Zumba. Add in watching a movie, maybe a trip to Target or something.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Honestly – I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

We spent some time with our young bachelor friends this weekend, and as funny and exciting as their free-wheeling, free-loving exploits sound, there is something to be said for falling asleep next to Matt every night. Even if sometimes he snores, or I snore, or one of us steals the covers. There’s nobody else I’d rather wake up next to.

We’ve had incredible weather for about 3 or 4 days running – and all of a sudden, the trees are in bloom, I’m seeing daffodils, and of course, the stores are all decked out in Easter Madness. I saw a great Passover card the other day at Borders which looked like a giant matzoh and wished you Unleavened Happiness at Pesach.

Speaking of Jewish holidays, Purim starts at sundown tonight. Purim is a Spring festival celebrating the Jewish peoples’ deliverance from being exterminated by Haman – a Persian King. They gained their freedom because of Esther, a Jewish woman who became Princess and outwitted Haman. The story is told in the book of Esther, which to me is an interesting book of the bible in that it is the only one that does not mention God.

Just because I’m not religious doesn’t mean I get to be a complete ignoramus on these things. One of the traditions of Purim is the making and eating of hamantaschen – little triangular cookies filled with usually prune or poppyseed filling – although, it could be filled about any kind of preserve. Personally, I like prunes, so I’m in luck. Assuming someone hands me a plate of prune hamantaschen, which hasn’t happened yet, but I keep hoping.

So my homework assignment to you – read the book of Esther (also known as the whole megillah – seriously) and report back to me.