Soy Confudida

I spent all yesterday thinking it was Monday, when in reality, it was Tuesday. Nice work.

Things in my world are going relatively well - I managed a Zumba class Monday night, and my lungs didn't impede my progress too much.

I'm feeling frustrated with work - mostly, I just need to regain perspective - which is to say that the reason I feel overloaded is because I'm good at what I do, people trust me and they want to work with me.

That doesn't make me any less tired at the end of the day - I don't mind doing training twice a day when I'm at full vocal capacity, but at the moment, I can't get through a session without having to mute my phone several times and cough helplessly for about 10 seconds at a hit.

Other than that, I don't have much to share.

I am looking forward to Spring, and my daydreams revolve around a Spring menu for a party I'm throwing in my mind!