So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for youuuu.

I've been to 2 doctors this week - on Monday I went to get this bronchitis fixed, and today, my annual with my lady-parts doc - the main purpose of which is to get that all-important scrip for another years' worth of drugs.

I hate waiting, and waiting at the doctor's office is the worst. In my first scenario, because it's a family practice, I was flanked by whining, sick, hyper, irritating kids and their irritating parents. Today, it was like I landed on Planet Pregnant. Which always evokes in me this split sense where part of me feels as though I'm missing out on something and part of me wants to lean over and tell the expectant mother next to me - "Kiss the next 21 years goodbye, sister. And enjoy not eating brie for the next 9 months, sucker." Which sounds harsh, and is. But it's the way my brain overcompensates for not knowing how to deal with that envious feeling that I may be missing out. To be fair, none of these women looked to be brie lovers, either.

My GYN doctor always, always runs late, and I always, always, call the receptionist on it. I need to start calling him on it. I used to work for a group of docs, and the patient never complains to the doctors, when they're the ones who are at fault.

Anyway, as soon as he got into my room, he put it in high gear - wrote me my scrip, told me to disrobe and he'd be back. Well, he got back a little too soon and caught me completely naked, in the middle of putting on the cocktail napkin that they call a paper robe. He was flustered and backed out of the room, but honestly, he's going to see a lot more of me as soon as the exam starts, so I thought it was kind of funny. He apologized profusely, and I wish I could have thought to say that the only man I undress faster for bought me a diamond ring...

All is well, healthwise - I have an inhaler for my lungs, I'm healthy for another year, and neither doctor gave me a lecture about my weight. Which, I am working on, so a lecture wouldn't have done much but frustrate me. Also, my BP was excellent at both offices - even after taking a hit of inhaled steroids this morning.

And that's that. Matt gets home from Akron tomorrow, and we think he may have the same crud that I had. I feel bad for him. But I also felt bad for me (and still do kind of).

Work continues to keep me busy. I sent out my Valentines yesterday, and I would like to do something for Matt's office as well as my own, but I am out of clever ideas. And even run of the mill ideas.

Maybe brownies. They're easy, and who doesn't love brownies?