Who Could Ask For Anything More?

The precursor to this is that I'm not homesick -how could I be? I'm home!

That isn't to say I never think about my hometown... and with that, I give you:

Things I miss about Atlanta

- Mom and Dad. Well, duh – but as the great Kahlil Gibran once wrote – “Let there be spaces in your togetherness.” Word.

- Henri’s Bakery. Because sometimes, only a wax-wrapped Corned Beef on Pumpernickel will do. To say nothing of the Po Boys and macaroons.

- Rhodes Bakery. Cheese straws, caramel cakes. Cheese straws.

- The Varsity. As if my arteries needed another aid in slapping shut – but sometimes, my body cries out for a chili dog w/ pimiento cheese. Heaven on a bun.

- Buying wine at the grocery store. Sure, it’s nice to be able to get beer on Sunday, but making a second stop for my cheap champagne chaps my hide. Also, it kind of makes Cost Plus/World Market and Trader Joe’s that much less compelling.

- The sheer volume of Chick-Fil-As. I used to pass three on my daily commute. I’m lucky these days if I pass one a week. Not that I need easy access to their sweet tea, breakfast menu or waffle fries, but…I miss the diet lemonade too.

- Crate & Barrel. For one thing, they’re the best place to pick up little housewarming gifties, and on a pure selfish level, I need to replenish some of my everyday china (bowls break, as it happens). There’s something really decadent about walking through the store and looking at all the pretty, shiny things. Plus – I need these juice glasses:

- Shopping for clothes. OK, so my best bet for clothes in Nashville is to head 65 South and hope for the best at Cool Springs. But really, is there anything like Lenox Mall (to say nothing of the two story Target and Phipps Plaza across the street)? No – especially because there’s a huge Crate & Barrel at Lenox. To say nothing of the ginormous Macy’s.

- Meeting up for a kvetch-fest with Connie. Sometimes, we just need to complain in a non-judgmental environment. We still connect, but less often.

- Manuel’s Tavern. Their breakfast was amazing, their beer was always cold, and the pervasive liberal vibe was right up my alley. I once told my dad I had found my perfect bar and was pleased to learn it was his perfect bar too. Once when I was there having breakfast and improv rehearsal, a group of Secret Service came in an did a sweep – turns out, Jimmy Carter’s grandson was having his wedding reception there that afternoon. Now THAT’s a bar.

Next time, in the interest of fairness, a list of things I love about Nashville.