Guerilla Tactics or Gorilla Tic Tacs?

- Enough with this cough. I'm going to get addicted to Dextromethorphan if it doesn't get better soon. I saw something about it on Dateline. And then, they caught a predator.

- They call the things like being polite on the phone, having a nice speaking voice, etc - "soft skills". And while I'd agree that trackingmetrics, logging data and analyzing numbers are all well and good, customers deserve the soft skills. I have decided that my new mission is to soften up my co-workers and get them loving the customers and loving their jobs. Then I'm going to cure Cancer. The astrological sign, not the mutating cellular disease.

- My daydreaming is all pinks and blues and greens and yellows - I have Spring Fever and I have it bad. Tomorrow, even though it's going to be cold, I'm headed to Viva Nails with some friends for a pedicure. I CAN'T wait. I'm sure the people at Viva could probably wait a lifetime before laying hands on my hooves. The barnacles have had plenty of time to attach over the long winter.

- I am feeling kind of disconnected from my family - both here in Nashville and around the globe. A lot of it has been that I've been - dare we say - fussy this week, so not a lot of fun. Oh well, this too shall pass.

- I am craving home cooking - either that or nachos. Then again, why can't nachos be cooked at home? Exactly.

- One of my customers today told me I sound *just like* the other female rep - which, given that I have a deeper voice than she does and fairly neutral accent (I'd like to think I sound very upscale, but in fact I am kind of nasal), and given that she has a distinctly Southern accent with a tendency to upspeak (ending sentence on an up inflection), I was kind of stunned. I kind of wanted to say, well, we not only sound just alike, but we both have boobs and vaginas.

We have all kinds of things in common. I don't know - I guess it's that I'd like to think I'm unique. Although, how's this for bursting your bubble? All through high school, I had a doppelganger - two years ahead of me in school, people thought we were either sisters, or the same person - depending. It even fooled me - I was watching a video of a school event, and said, "I don't remember being there when this happened." It was my doppelganger, Sarah. Who is now a lawyer and living in DC. I wonder if she ever thinks of me? Hell, even 15 years after high school a teacher who taught us both mistook me for Sarah. I was having kind of a "feeling fat" day at the time, maybe I should have let her think I was Sarah and made up some crazy shit about becoming a pole dancer. No, no - you can't treat your body double badly.

- I would love to get the Zumba music dislodged from my brain, but it's stuck on a loop there. Better that than the two songs that invaded my brain for all of January - "Crazy Train" and "Single Ladies".

- Not to be all cliched, but, uh, TGIF.

That's all I have from here, for now.