Down, and briefly out.

So, I've had this weird right side stomach pain since Thursday night. I went from thinking it was a pulled muscle to thinking it was appendicitis, and I have now settled back on pulled muscle. Regardless, it hurts like a motherf%#er. And there's not just a ton I can do about it.

And to add illness to injury, my wonky sinuses went from abusing head to throat, and have now settled on/in lungs making my chest feel tight and I spent a lot of today trying to breathe properly/cough up weird shit.

Finally, I gave in, asked Matt to stop at the drugstore, and I got some Brand X Mucus Relief tablets - which I took, then proceeded to sleep for several hours without much movement or fanfare.

I feel better.

Not "go kick ass at Zumba" better, but "spend time with Matt before he leaves for his trip" better.

That said - a good weekend - we spent today with my favorite guys - Matt and I met up with Seb and Alex for brunch at the Copper Kettle. Worth every penny, but next time we'll go earlier and maybe not before Seb has to play a big soccer game - which we also went and watched. Good times. Seb and his pals won. They call their team the "Misfits".

And that's pretty much that.



Alex said…
Was pleasure as usual! Our team is called The Mizfitz, fyi... big difference! ha-ha