The Answer is None. None More Black.

Several cranky and or not cranky thoughts for Monday:

1. Put your mothertrucking cellphone on vibrate. If everyone else in the office can, you can. I know WAY too much about your musical tastes and guess what - they're not good. Seriously.

2. This office is either a sauna or an igloo. It's no wonder I'm still getting over this crud - we can't keep our digs a consistent 68 degrees. Layers. Wear layers.

3. Zumba tonight - let's see if my lungs cooperate. I've missed it, that's for sure. Has it missed me? Time will tell.

4. Enough with the weird dreams! Last night, I dreamt I still had an apartment in Atlanta and I was a week late on paying rent - but I also hadn't been to my apartment in a long, long time. And I didn't have the money to write a check, so I was going to have to drive over there and pay - except, there was this huge gate that was controlling traffic at the entrance to my parents' neighborhood and I couldn't get out. Anxious much?

5. We celebrated 10 Years of Lola on Friday. I love her a big, big bunch! She's not perfect, but she's perfect for me.

6. We're trying to talk my parents into coming for Easter weekend and having people over for dinner that Saturday. I know Dad will balk, but if they want to bring the pugs, they can. Plus, we could do a big ham - everyone loves ham.

7. Speaking of both parents and celebrating - Mom and Dad will have been married 39 years this Friday. Pretty amazing. Next year, we should throw them a party. Reminder to self - mail their card tomorrow.

8. After cutting my pattern yesterday for the apron I'm working on, and attempting a few steps, I can safely say that my talent lies more in straight lines like, you know, throw pillows. I hope I can make the apron work as a) that fabric wasn't from the bargain bin and b) if it works, it's going to be adorable.

9. Tomorrow is a double training day...meanwhile, the other trainer has as many training classes for the week as I do in a day. I don't expect life to be fair, but I'm starting to see that not having balls is a real detriment to my career.

10. I am stopping at Michael's on the way home. They sell the little Easter chicks I use on my coconut cakes. I want them. I want a lot of them in every color I can find.

11. This list goes to eleven. Mostly in homage to Spinal Tap, which I watched on Friday, and I still love. See the title of this post.