Well, it only took 34 years, but I found exercise that I actually enjoy and that really challenges me.

As luck would have it, the Y added a Zumba class - Mondays at 7:15 pm! The Y loves a working woman! We got to the gym last night at 7:10, and I decided, hell, why not?

The instructor started out by telling us there was no right or wrong in her class. We then spent the next 45 minutes busting moves to Latin music. Ok, I was probably the least coordinated person in there (after that one lady left 10 minutes in), but so what? I had a blast, and I definitely worked out.

So now, I need to find other classes to get my fix...

And I also need some cuter workout clothes. If I'm going to be shakin' what my mama gave me, I might as well look nice doing it.