The Universe Provides

When we last left our heroine, she was distressed over making a trip to Atlanta this coming weekend and wondering if she should just cancel.

And then, a path cleared.

Tuesday afternoon my boss came to see if I'd be amenable to traveling to Atlanta on Wednesday for a training/goodwill session with a client. Would I? Ha!

I went home, packed my gear and was on the road by 6PM and in Atlanta by 10:15.

I spent the night with Mom and Dad and played with the pups. It was a good time.

In the morning, I called the client, who set our meeting for 1:00. That gave me time to have breakfast with my parents, spend some time at the house, and then head to my meeting. The clients' office was right across the street from the first office I worked in out of college. But that area has changed so much, I barely recognized it.

After five hours with the customer, I went back to my parents' house and got Dad. We had dinner at their favorite little neighborhood restaurant and ordered dinner to go for Mom and one of her colleagues, then delivered them dinner at the hospital.

I waited up for Mom to come home, spent a few minutes with her, then went to bed. Five hours later, I was up and on the road. Vroom! Back in Nashville and in the office by 8:45.

The universe provides. Not only did I solve my "visit to Atlanta" conundrum, but at dinner with Dad, he gave me an unsolicited pep talk - the exact one that I have been needing to hear for awhile. He somehow pinpointed the source of some of my angst and addressed it.

So, I'm back in Nashville, feeling a little more rested (though I had a hard time wrenching free from the bed's magnetic pull this morning), and I have a whole weekend spreading out before me.

Life is good.