The Unexamined Life

It's evaluation time at the office and I've been kind of dreading it. I never like having people put me under a microscope, and this year, given that my boss gets to evaluate my full year, having only known me for five months of it (and let's face it, not the greatest five months ever), well...I'm feeling a little squeamish. And nauseated.

I finally went through mine today and completed it. I think I was fair, but we'll have to see what the Bossman thinks. Regardless of how it comes back to me, I had a tough year, I gutted it out. Anything above and beyond that is fleeting in importance.

Of course, I'm starting to reflect on a lot of things. Like, that I really need to start eating right and exercising. I want to look better and feel better - and these things don't just happen without a little hard work.

I also want to have some fun this year. I'm thinking about improv.

Plus there's the whole organization thing. It would be nice to roll out that new initiative globally. My house needs a once-over in a big way. Matt bought a cabinet for tools yesterday. It's a good start.

So, although I hadn't planned on making any resolutions, I guess the 18th of January isn't too late to start.

Ugh, here we go -the first day of the rest of my life.

Confidential to Laura: Andy Rooney? Ouch. You know how to hurt a girl.