Perhaps I should explain...

What my previous post really boils down to is that I'm frustrated with a situation at work that I can't control, change or tolerate (natch).

As the red-headed stepchild of the department (meaning they inherited me rather than birthed me themselves), they:

a) Have no idea who I am or what I offer in terms of experience
b) Assume I'm going to make trouble
c) Aren't especially invested in me and never will be

I haven't any desire to make trouble - but I do wish that they would stop assuming that before they came on board, I was sitting around eating raw chicken and sticking my fingers in light sockets.

For their information, I've been in the service industry since I was 15 years old, and I excel at customer relationship management (I also have a great phone voice).

I don't really care how you did it at your last company, or what you think of the people who worked in the department before you that you NEVER MET. I knew them, and you putting them down to me isn't going to make me your bestest buddy.

The fact is, people from all over the company come to ME when they have questions. Not you. Actually, a lot of people have told me what they think of you. It's not good.

So, yeah.

That's kind of what had me feeling agitated.

Also, I don't really know that wearing Brut cologne makes a person unqualified to serve in our department, but I do know that I'm going to perform a purification ritual in your office using the very same cologne the next time I'm in at 7AM.

See, now I feel better.


Joe said…
Now, that sounds fun...sorry you are having to deal with it all...