I'm going to have to ask you to stop.

Can someone please explain this:

It's a sofa, yes, this much I know. What eludes me is this: what is the point of the karate chop to the top center of each throw pillow?

This is a trend I'm seeing all over the magazines, and yet, thankfully never in anyone's home.

It looks stupid. It makes the pillows look like they have butt cracks, and honestly, who wants to see that, upholstered or not? The tassels and fringe only make it worse.

Who is the style maven who came up with this brilliant touch of foppish frippery?

I'm going to say it once. This has got to end. Leave the damn throw pillows alone. And maybe cut the amount by half.

And while you're at it, can we agree that in five years, chocolate brown/pale blue is going to be so 2007? You don't agree? Two words: Harvest. Gold.


No, really, I mean it.


Alex said…
We karate-chop feather pillows in Ukraine to make sure that the feathers don't settle in. This increases pillow "puffiness" when you actually sleep on the pillow that night. In Ukraine, you'll find a lot of pillows karate-chopped.

That said, sofa pillows are not supposed to have feathers (if for no other reason, for the reason of courtesy to allergic guests). Further, no one sleeps on them (I hope). So yeah, that karate chop is a total waste and it does look bad on decoration pillows. Even Ukrainians don't karate-chop decoration pillows.