I got nothin'

This week pretty well took it out of me. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Matt and I are going to early vote tomorrow - they want to make the official language of Nashville English.

I have news for you, most Native Nashvillians, hell, most Americans have a hazy comprehension of English.

I work with a person who makes two gaffes regularly - "irregardless" and "mute point". If I'm lying, I'm dying. I know a lot of people who say something is more easy than something else. And that's not to mention people who drop the -ly from words they intend to be adverbs.

Then, we have people who are constantly "loosing" things - their key, three pounds, their minds. Affect/Effect seem to trip people up, as do the old standbys - you're/your, its/it's and the dreaded to/too/two.

So yeah, let's make Nashville "English Only" - you go first, Jim Bob.