I thought this day would never get here. I have a "1/20/09 - End of an Error" bumpersticker on my car, and when I first put it on there, back in 2006, I thought this day would never get here.

And here it is.

And I'm missing it.

My bad, I should have taken the day off and glued myself to the television.

But I didn't, and instead, I'm reading about it on While President-Elect Obama was becoming President Obama, I was training some new clients. I think that's fine. I have a job, and in this economy, I'm glad to have it.

What I can tell you is this - I'm dying to see Mrs. Obama's ballgown. Seriously. I hope it's awesome.

The last time I watched an inauguration on television was 1993 - Clinton's first. I was a high school senior, and back then, I remember being incensed that people were dogging Chelsea. I also remember Maya Angelou's poem.

So. Here we are. I'll be either replacing or adding to my car a new sticker, en route from Mom which reads, "Yes We Did!"

I'm excited.


Alex said…
I can't believe this day came either. Obama's speech was great, full replay just for you at 8pm on CNN. Hopefully, your chicken will be done by then =)

YES WE DID!!!!! (ok I admit I didn't do much but w/e)