So, even though this year has been something of a clusterf**k, it hasn’t been entirely bad… that said, here’s a list of 2008’s Best of Times:

Time spent with friends – including, but not limited to:

- Tracey and Robert’s baby shower
- Any evening at Nick and Jenny’s, but especially if Jenny made mashed potatoes
- Our May visit to Mamma Mia’s
- “Roughing it” in the wilderness of the Yogi Bear campgrounds with the Browns
- The opening ceremonies of the Olympics with Seb and Alex – calling out fake countries and marveling at the precision of the drummers
- Mardi Gras/Super Bowl at Brad and Jessica’s
- The Silpada post-party at Natae’s (because standing around gossiping after the masses have left never gets old)
- Project Runway and Politics – Wednesdays with Rosie
- The 4th of July Party at Goshen – as the new social chair, I made it happen – and Dad didn’t give the blessing – WHEW!

Time spent with family – including, but not limited to:

- Our trip to Leavenworth – making Easter cupcakes, buying a Pack & Play and visiting the WWI Museum
- My “bear-y” special weekend in the Mountains with Dad (complete with photos of the pawprints)
- Florence, Alabama with Matt’s family - perfect timing and great company
- Dad’s homecoming! Never let stairs get in the way of what you want.
- Henry’s first trip to Atlanta/Party with the chocolate fountain (hmm…why do so many of my memories include food?)
- Thanksgiving in Nashville 3 – much to be thankful for.
- Christmas in Atlanta – this time, Lola could come and my little family was complete.

Time spent with Matt – including, but not limited to:

- Our vacation in the mountains
- A late night trip to GameStop to pick up Fallout 3
- Working our way through Fallout 3 – Are you going to show us how to fix the robots?
- The Ink Cartridge Survey of North Metro Atlanta, Winter 2008
- Buying (and paying off) our big screen TV
- A Happy 3rd Anniversary
- Barry Lyndon at the Belcourt (sans Pit Bullington, who demands satisfaction)
- Several dozen trips to Safety Town
- Even more trips to Costco/Target/Borders/Academy to search for the elusive Matzoh Ball Soup Mix/DVD/CD/Camping Equipment

New adventures at work:

- Traveling – Dallas, Houston, Seattle and Denver. I’ll go back to the last two any time I’m asked.
- Adjusting to being the “senior member” of my team…at a year and a half in.
- Realizing in April and May that my colleagues had my back when Dad was sick.
- Getting to work on high level projects and realizing I’m smarter than I give myself credit for

Awards and Honors:

- 3rd Place Pepper Jelly – Tennessee State Fair…next year, I want a blue ribbon! Even if I have to steal it.
- Company Halloween Costume – 3rd Place. And now that I have a sewing machine, imagine what 2009 will bring.
- World’s Greatest Aunt


- Henry, of course. What a great kid!
- Started blogging, thus bringing joy and insight to all who read my prosaic wisdom
- Belmont Debate 2008 – the pre-debate rally and my awesome sign. Plus, standing behind the nice people from Channel 4.
- Election 2008 – YES WE DID!!!
- Finally got on Facebook…why did I resist for so long?
- Lola didn't require any trips to the Emergency Vet - and even with the money she ate, we still came out ahead!

I’ll be honest – there’s a list twice as long as this of things that happened in 2008 that I’d like to forget forever. But I’m not going to post a “2008 Worst of Times” list, because there’s no point. Why dwell? I’ve learned from the things that had a lesson, I’ve done my best, been the best I could be. I’ve tried to fix the things I could, let go of the things I couldn’t, and ultimately, appreciate what I have.

Which is, as you can see from the above, abundant.

Goodbye 2008.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2009.