So there's that...

I’ve broken mirrors, had black cats cross my path, and stepped on enough cracks to kill an entire PTA meeting's-worth of mothers.

But I consider myself incredibly lucky. And at the same time, hopelessly superstitious.

I believe most heavily in good luck, which is possibly why I'm so fortunate.

We all have those items or occurrences that mean something to us on a primal level, even though we know that in the real world, the significance is only in the mind of the beholder.

For me, for example, bluebirds are especially lucky. Because I don’t see them daily, when I do see them, it’s notable – and generally, around the time I see them, something good happens.

This first started my senior year of High School. On my way in one Friday morning – which happened not only to be the day of my AP World History Exam, but also the day of Prom, I saw a bluebird perched on a power line. I remember thinking, “Well, that’s a good omen.” And it was.

My World History class had spent more time as a support group for the terminally stressed/misunderstood/world-weary student – there were eight of us, plus our teacher, who was recently divorced.

We kind of played at history, with the exception of the Renaissance, which, being a favorite of my teacher’s and pretty damn interesting to boot, we covered thoroughly and extensively. It didn’t hurt that we were all pretty interested in the art, music and literature of the time, to boot.

So after we slogged through the Exam’s multiple choice section and took our sanctioned break, we cracked open, in unison, the major essay question. Which asked for a run-down of Educational Practices in the Renaissance Period. We all cackled, took a deep breath, and dug in. I ended up making a 3 on the exam, which, given my actual understanding of World History, is actually fucking amazing.

After the exam, I left to go get ready for Prom. Which, after the exam should have been small potatoes, right? No so much. I was taking my boyfriend’s best friend… how did that work out, you might ask?

Well, I was dating this guy, who we’ll call Asshole who dumped me right after Spring Break. So, I asked his best friend to Prom, and his friend, who we’ll call Nice, said yes. Well, Asshole and I got back together, but being a woman of my word, I still went to Prom with Nice. I ended up having such a good time that I ended things with Asshole and Nice and I dated for a year.

Anyway, you can see that Prom could have been a total disaster, but turned out really well, and for this, I thank the bluebird.

I have the bluebird to thank for Lola, Matt, my engagement ring and several excellent job interviews.

So, on Dad’s birthday, I’m sitting at the kitchen table looking out into the yard when I see a dull brownish gray bird too big to be a titmouse or nuthatch. It moves to reveal a flash of blue, and I recognize it as a female bluebird. She’s joined by two males. After the year we’ve had, I have to think that bluebirds on Dad’s birthday is a really good omen of things to come.

They stopped by again the day we left to, I assume, grant us safe travel.

Look, you have your system of beliefs, I have mine.

And maybe it's that I see them and set my mind in a positive frame.

Either way, I'm lucky.