A Shout-Out and a Shout-At

Two sides of the customer service coin:

Ordered my favorite nephew a few things today from ToysRUs.com, only to find out in a convo with Mom that he already has one of them - natch, the nicer of the two items. Laura, if you're reading this, pay no attention, but basically, it was this little play mat shaped like a surfboard (which you already have - excellent taste). Bummer. So even though the order was already in process, I called their Customer Support, and this nice guy offered to try and get it stopped, but assured me that if they couldn't, he'd help me return it in the easiest way possible.

I will be using ToysRUs.com again. And again and again.

Worked late tonight, and so I called Pizza Hut to try and order dinner for Matt - part one, the online site tells me my address doesn't exist, ergo, I cannot place my order online. Curses! Part two, I call the location nearest our house, and in telling the kid who answers the phone about my coupon, he interrupts me, argues about the coupon, then puts me on HOLD and hangs up on me.
I shouted something like, "Oh no you didn't put me on hold then hang up on me you little c**ks**cker!"

At which point, I called Dominos.

I know, I know - I shouldn't even be eating pizza, but Pizza Hut and I are through. For good.

Folks, I work in customer service, and as much as I've wanted to hang up on people who frustrated me, I never have.

Seriously, what is this world coming to!?