Sew What?

Behold, the hamburger – quick fast food lunch, dinner on the cheap – how we adore thee!

Matt and I took advantage of the Monday $4.49 Burger Special at Calhoun’s last night, and I have to tell you, I thought it was better than Fat Mo’s.
Yes, there, I said it. Matt thinks I’m nuts, but it tasted like something Dad would grill up in the summer, plus, the fries were, well, let’s be honest – they were terrific. Far better than Mo’s – not that I’ve given up on Mo completely. I just think this is a better sit-down, have-dinner-with-your-husband kind of option.

The reason we even went to Calhoun’s? Location, location, location. We were up on Gallatin Pike for the express purpose of shopping. Matt was kind enough to invent a reason to go to Sam Ash so that I could hit the JoAnn Fabric store next door.

Forty dollars later, I walked out with some notions, a pair of scissors to be used for sewing only (but who are we kidding?), several yards of fabric, and a pattern for sleepwear. The woman at the counter told me I’d picked a great pattern with the easiest pajama bottoms in the world. Twenty minutes, she told me – tops.

Well, that’s what it’ll take to get the thread loaded into the machine. From there, I’ll be about an hour cutting the pattern and fabric, pinning, weeping, sighing, pulling my hair and reading the manual again…etc.

Look, it’s not easy navigating the shark-infested domestic seas, but I have to give it my best shot.

And, since I’m a novice, I’ll start with muslin (a buck and change per yard) then work up to flannel, calico, etc.

Wish me luck, mes amis.


Unknown said…
good luck and i'll take a pair of flannel when your skills are developed ;)