I need to buy stock in the antacid companies.

Due to obscene amounts of baking and tasting yesterday, I had a sleepless, heart-burny, crazy dreams night, and I cannot seem to shake it.

I have been fairly productive today, but in my mind, I'm thinking, I need to go pick up my boss' holiday present. Which I hope I can find.

Why did I even offer to be the point person on this?

Because I'm fundamentally good and kind? Naah.

We've lost power three times for all of about 5 seconds today. Enough to disrupt workflow, but not enough to allow for daydreaming or any lollygagging.

I have gotten some more shopping taken care of. Not nearly enough done - and so little time left.

I hope Matt's co-workers are enjoying my handiwork from the weekend.

For now though, more Tums and Spreadsheets. Now there's a title for a contemporary Christmas Carol...