Pies and Pashminas

Bad news, kids - no sugar free pecan pies at the WalMart - instead, I went with an apple and a peach. It's the holidays, so why not?

It's still cold as living hell here in Nashvegas - current temp 37 F, though my feet having not yet thawed, are still a balmy 12 degrees.

That said, I have on my trusty pashmina, which I talked Laura in to buying me on the street for $5 in New York last fall. It's brown, and I keep it at my desk to fight off the chills. My only regret is that I don't have it in several other colors. What a pity.

I'm trying hard to keep it real for the next five hours, but I really just want to get on the road. I stayed out too late last night, stayed up too late once I got home, then couldn't fall asleep for anything.

So now, I am dragging.

It's all good, though. Right?