Peep this, homeslices!

So, I am one present away from taking Laura, Tom and Henry's Christmas package to the nearest Goin' Postal ( a company worth patronizing for their name alone.

That last present is getting picked up on the way home from work.

It still leaves me with Matt, Mom and Dad and of course, any dogs who haven't been too naughty. And the little boy next door, who is just fun to shop for.

Speaking of neighbors - ours that live across and to the left - Matt and Marisa, brought cookies over last night - they were delivering door-to-door to meet the neighbors- I actually rang their bell to meet them on Halloween, so I one-upped them there, but the cookies. Oh. My. God!

One was an almond/pine nut cookie - which sounds weird, but WOW. Of course, I looked it up - the recipe I found requires a pound of almond paste. You really can't go wrong with almond paste.

I actually plan to cook tonight, which is weird - other than Thanksgiving weekend, I haven't cooked in forever. But, you know - we are what we eat, and I can only eat so much garbage.

I took some iron last night and will keep it up through the week to give the Red Cross another shot this weekend. We'll see. I also have big baking plans for the weekend - time to get cracking!



Alex said…
This is so funny... I coincidentally may have big plans of stopping by this weekend.
ae said…
Would you be stopping by in the function of Official Taste Tester?

Give me time to get the house cleaned up and you can come by.