A little something for meeeeeeeee!

My mother often jokes that she gets into the Christmas spirit by buying her first present, which, as it happens usually ends up being for her.

I'm down with that.

Neither Matt nor Santa can pick out clothes very easily for me. For one thing, I have a vast range of sizes that fit, based on the article, the cut, and the designer. For example - I have three pairs of jeans, all the same style, all the same size purchased on the same day - and because I was in a hurry, I didn't try them one. One pair is perfect, one pair has a saggy butt which makes them nearly fall off, and one fits my butt perfectly, but is tight in the waist.

I mean, WTF? I'm not a mutant. Or am I?

So, anyway, I only have a few little gifties left to pick out, but today, I pointed my car in the direction of a clothing place I like, and well, you know how these things are - if you spent $100, they took $30 off your purchase. So I bought an adorable little quilted vest in magenta. Lock and load, bitches! MAGENTA. I passed right by the one in blue and the one in white. Booooring.

Yeah, I like the bright colors. In a perfect world, it's the exact color I would have foisted upon my bridesmaids 3 years and change ago. Luckily for them, Matt's sister is a redhead and even I'm not that cruel.

So, I bought four shirts, a sweater and my vest, all under $100. SNAP!

Well, why not? Having fun playclothes is insurance that I'll actually go out and play.

And, in re: yesterday's post, a special shout out to Sebastian, colleague and friend extraordinaire who came to my office today and quoted verbatim the line I wished customers would say to me.

And thanks to Natae, because she checked in on me this morning.

Mad props to Alex as well. Because he's Alex.

It's a better day, for sure.